Win Your Dress + Fight for Equality

Brides do Good x CODE RED:
A Raffle for Equality

Ready to win your dream dress and fight for equality? We thought so. 

For a chance to WIN, simply enter our raffle, sit back, manifest positive vibes and a gown worth £2000 could be yours (think Charlie Brear, Halfpenny London, Suzanne Neville... the lust-worthy list goes on!)

And as if that wasn't enough, by entering, you'll be supporting CODE RED, a campaign to raise awareness of people suffering from debilitating menstrual taboos throughout India. Every year 10 million children in India leave school when they start their periods. 10,000,000 CHILDREN. Let that number sink in for a moment...

*Non-scary Terms and Conditions do apply!

CODE RED: The Equality Emergency

Sanitation First has a vision of everyone having access to a safe and hygienic toilet. Toilets are the stepping-stones towards a better future for people living in acute poverty, as basic sanitation is the linchpin that connects all other forms of development. Without improved sanitation, poverty will not be eradicated.

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By entering this competition you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions which can be found below, and you agree to receive updates from Brides do Good. Multiple entries will give you more chances of winning. Good luck!

The Boring But Important Bit

We know Terms and Conditions are dull, but please do make sure you understand the below before entering.

  1. The winner of this competition will be entitled to choose a wedding dress or separates from the Brides do Good collection up to a total value for all items of £2000.

  2. Appointment fees are included in the prize but any additional alterations to the finished gown will be at your own cost through Brides do Good's alterations services.

  3. Unless by prior arrangement the prize must be claimed within 12 months of winning or be forfeited, and cannot be transferred to another person.

  4. You may choose a dress of higher value and pay the difference. No refund or cash value will be given for a dress of lower value and the prize cannot be exchanged for money.

  5. You will be responsible for any delivery costs incurred if you are unable to collect your dress or outfit in person.

  6. You may enter multiple times, each paid entry will be counted separately.

  7. Our winner will be selected at random on or shortly after 28th June and will be announced across our social media platforms. The winner will also be contacted over email for instructions on how to claim.
  8. By entering the raffle and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you agree to be contacted by Brides do Good. You can unsubscribe from our database at any time and we will never give your details to a third party.

1 in 5 girls and menstruating children in India drop out of school when they get their periods. If you grow up in poverty in rural India, the start of your period is the start of a battle to stay in school.

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