Creating Impact with Ethical Wedding Dresses

At Brides do Good we believe in creating a fairer, more sustainable world. For us, that means that every child deserves the right to a brighter future, no matter their gender, or where they are born.

That’s why for every £3 we make of our ethical wedding dresses, we invest £1 in our Impact Partners around the world who are working to empower women and girls, and end child marriage.

How it Works



Our collection is donated by brides and brands. We are a community of women empowering girls.

Proceeds from the sale of every ethical dress fund projects working to end

child marriage.


Our Impact Partners create sustainable change by working with those at risk and their communities.


We believe in setting a new standard for the bridal industry, mobilising its vast power for good.

About Our Cause

In recent years gender inequality and child marriage has gained increasing prominence on international agendas. We have a unique opportunity to act now, and accelerate our efforts to change the lives of girls and women all over the world, for good.


Ending child marriage requires work across many sectors at a variety of levels. We must understand the complicated drivers behind the practise in different contexts and adapt our approaches accordingly.


That is why we work with child marriage and gender equality organisations to understand the issue, and identify the right experts to partner with.

- Chantal Khoueiry, Founder

Our Criteria

Ending child marriage and supporting improvements in gender equality requires long-term, well-resourced and sustainable interventions.


We aim to invest across four areas that meet these criteria.



Programmes that invest in girls, their participation and their well-being to promote sustainable change for future generations.

Engaging with families, communities and young people to change attitudes and behaviours related to child marriage.


Services across sectors such as education and health reinforce one another and are tailored to the specific needs of at-risk girls and women. 


Advocating for a robust legal and policy framework for preventing child marriage and enforcing preventions.

Impact Partners

Plan International UK strive to advance children’s rights and equality for girls all over the world. Every child has immense potential, but this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination, and it is girls who are most affected. Plan is committed to taking action to see a world that values girls, promotes their rights and ends injustice. 

Their global programme 18+ (Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriage) works at local, national and international levels to enable millions of girls to avoid marriage, stay in school and decide for themselves whether and when to marry. The programme takes a holistic approach to identify and address the root causes of this harmful tradition and identify opportunities for change.

Find out more.

The Safeguard Futures Ban Child Marriage Campaign is a coalition of UK organisations calling on the UK government to make child marriage a crime in England and Wales. Currently, the law allows 16 and 17-year olds to marry with parental consent, a legal exception that leaves children vulnerable to parental and familial coercion to enter into a marriage against their will.


The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill would raise the legal age of marriage in England and Wales to 18 and criminalise child marriage, bringing our domestic legislation in line with the global commitments to end child marriage by 2030 (UN Sustainable Goal 5).

You can sign the petition for change here

Without the resources or information to manage menstruation, millions of girls around the world are forced to miss school during their periods. This causes them to fall behind both academically and socially and increases their vulnerability to gender-based violence and health issues. An increased risk of poverty and financial insecurity often leads to instances of child marriage. 


Huru is committed to providing a straightforward and sustainable solution: locally producing and delivering high-quality menstrual pads alongside sexual and reproductive health education to girls and their peers. Because no girl should be limited by her period.

Read more about why menstruation matters. 

[Y]our Impact

Together, we have worked across 6 countries, investing over £60,000 into creating a brighter future for women and girls. We have been able to reach almost 70,000 people in their communities, and help improve education for over 50,000 children. 


Moving forward, we will be dedicating at least one-third of our annual net profit to our goal to empower women and end child marriage. We will be actively growing our Impact Partnerships, and investing according to the needs of the organisations we work with.


Together, we can make a difference. 

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