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Doing Good with Laura Lambert

We catch up with Laura, Founder of Fenton and a proud Brides do Good partner.

Laura Lambert showcasing a Fenton ring

What are you known for professionally or personally?

I’m Laura, the founder of Fenton - a fine jewellery brand aiming to disrupt an antiquated industry with a smarter way of doing things. Personally, I’m probably most known for my love of puns and sharing a cup of tea with Team Fenton.

The last piece of jewellery you gifted someone and why?

It’s a self-gift! I’ve just designed a cocktail ring to mark the birth of my son, using hidden gems within the band to symbolise our birthstones. I love the idea of creating an heirloom collection throughout the momentous moments of your life.

Are you a keep-saker or a recycler? 

Both! I’m sentimental about little things, the Polaroid from our covid-wedding, a book with a handwritten message inside the cover. But recycling is woven into our brand DNA at Fenton, from the packaging we use, to the precious metals our rings are crafted from. 

Go to feel good song?

Beyoncé’s new album might be taking over the top spot, but you can’t beat Fleetwood Mac’s ‘go your own way’.

What one piece of jewellery summarises you best?

My engagement ring is so special to me, but I often find I wear a smaller blue sapphire band for the practicalities of day to day. It’s minimal but different to the traditional wedding rings you would expect.

Platinum or gold?

I’m not one for rules so I like to mix my metals - platinum rings and yellow gold earrings!

Can you give us a sneak peek of an upcoming collection?

We have an extremely exciting one-off collection launching in May, featuring exquisite responsibly sourced Emeralds with a world renowned partner in the jewellery industry. With a portion of the proceeds going toward local communities in Zambia, it will be a really special collection for us. 

What tips do you have for Brides looking to have a more sustainable wedding? 

Our clever Fenton Brides have shared lots of ideas on how to do this over in our blog. But for me it’s about DIY where you can, and looking to pre-loved items to keep things circular, that’s why we love Brides do Good as one of our latest Fenton Brides partners. 

What is your proudest moment in your business so far?

Creating Solar Diamonds® - a 100% conflict-free Diamond grown with renewable energy, has to be our proudest moment to date. Providing an accessible and sustainable piece of jewellery as a way to celebrate love is our raison etre at Fenton, and seeing all the gorgeous proposal stories coming in from our couples is what keeps us striving forward.

Newly engaged couple kissing with the engagement ring

Brides do Good Founder, Chantal Khoueiry says:

"The union between Brides do Good and Fenton represents a shared dedication to crafting a brighter and a more sustainable future through ethical choices. Together, we create a ripple effect of positivity and purpose, saying 'I do' to ending child marriage and building a world where every girl can write her own story."

Chantal's Fenton pick:

“I love the simplicity of this necklace, I wear a lot of blue Sapphires and blue gemstones, and prefer simple jewellery to add to my outfits.”


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