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We'reOn A Mission To Change Lives

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Child Marriage

Child marriage is any formal or informal union in which one or both parties are under 18 years old. In today's world, every two seconds, a girl becomes a child bride.

These early marriages violate a child's basic human rights, forcing them out of education, with a high statistical probability of increased violence, abuse, ill health - and in an alarming number of cases - early death.

At Brides Do Good, we believe in a world where every girl matters. By offering a more ethical way to wed, we become one step closer to ending child marriage, for good.

The Causes

Gender Inequality

Daughters are frequently seen as burdens due to continuing gender inequality, and early marriages a solution to transfer the economic burden onto another. Patriarchal value systems, control and the notion of family honour can also drive the practice.


Financial incentives in the form of dowries provide an additional source of income to poverty stricken families, or become less of a burden when younger brides require a smaller dowry to be paid.


Many parents marry their daughters young in an effort to safeguard her security in areas where girls are at a higher risk of violent or sexual abuse. Rates of child marriage often increase during times of humanitarian crises and economical pressure on families increases exponentially.


Traditional practices often go unquestioned over generations. In some communities, menstruation is a marker of womanhood, with marriage the next step towards obtaining the status of wife and mother.

We have built an end to end process that enables us to protect girls through the sale of the world’s most beautiful designer wedding dresses. We are mobilising the power of the bridal industry for good, and connecting our brides with girls in need. 

Up to two-thirds of proceeds from Brides do Good fund international programmes supporting young girls, promoting a safe education and protecting against early marriage.

By walking down the aisle in one of our dresses you take us one step closer to giving girls all over the world a chance to dream. 

Theory of Change

Connect Brides

We offer brides an ethical way to wed. We are a community of empowered women, empowering girls around the world.

Sell Dresses

Our dresses are so much more than just one love story. Our sales fund our international charity projects helping to protect the livelihoods of millions of girls. 

Educate Communities


Our programmes educate and empower young girls and their communities, to create real and sustainable change.

Measure Change

The world won't change if we don't. We believe in setting a new standard for the bridal industry, and reporting transparently on the impact we are able to make.