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Everybody has a story. This space in our boutique is dedicated to throwing a little light on the triumphs and tragedies of child brides, alongside real brides’ big days, key wedding fashion trends and more. Take a seat.

Where is child marriage legal?

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Exclusive interview with Too Young to Wed's Stephanie Sinclair

The NGO fights child marriage in Nigeria

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Visit Too Young to Wed’s photojournalism exhibition

In Paris until 24 September

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Bicester Village pop-up raises £18,592.23

The proceeds will be donated to Plan International and Too Young to Wed projects around the world to protect young girls from forced marriage.

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Conflict in Syria: Child marriage in the midst of a humanitarian crisis

As parents face increasing poverty, desperation & uncertainty in Syria the number of young girls forced into marriage has increased dramatically.

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Because I am a girl

I have the right to choose.

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