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Founded in 2016 by Chantal Khoueiry, Brides do Good was created by women, for girls. Harnassing the power of the bridal industry for good, the company is built on the idea of connecting women to protect vulnerable young girls. By donating, selling or purchasing your wedding dress from us, our customers and supporters have the ability to impact the lives of other girls in need.

It is more than just a business. It’s a call to action. Up to two-thirds of our sales funds our charity programmes to protect the futures of millions of childern who are at risk of early marriage, and provide the education and tools they need for a brighter future. 

We are proud to partner with a number of bridal brands and designers who embrace a more sustainable world by selling and donating their end of season and sample designer gowns to support our mission. 

Our Founder

'As a child of international background, born in Kuwait to a Lebanese father and an Ethiopian mother, I am no stranger to the issues many societies face, and have always been a humanitarian at heart. At my core, is the simple belief that every child has the right to a childhood, to choose their own path.

Over the years I have watched many friends marry, and then consign their beautiful once-worn dresses to dusty attics. For a few short hours these dresses were beautiful symbols of love and the power to choose who to spend your life with, and yet millions of girls today remain unable to make their choice.

At Brides do Good, we are using the power of the bridal industry to make a real difference to vulnerable young girls around the world, one dress at a time.' 

Behindthe Scenes