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*Across all of our projects we are one of several strategic partners and donors committed to creating sustainable change. 

Project Values

At Brides do Good, we're proud to support projects around the world, that empower young girls and their communities. We strive to achieve immediate and lasting change, through partnering with projects that underpin our core values. 


Our Charity Projects work with communities to enable them to meet their needs independently and ethically in the future.


We take an outcome-led approach, using evidence to drive learning and refine programmes in order to scale. This creates maximum impact for the highest number of girls, at the lowest cost. 


We go where we are most needed. We focus on areas where child marriage and education poverty is at its highest.  


We believe in helping those in need. Neither Brides do Good nor our Charity Partners hold any religious or political affiliations. 


During 2017, we raised almost £10,000 during our inaugural pop-up event at Bicester Village to support an outreach programme by Plan International UK, based in the Assuit region, Egypt. 

Egypt has one of the worst gender inequality records in the world. In the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report, Egypt ranked 135 out of 136 countries, and 83% of women reported having experienced harassment or violence. Discrimination often permeates every stage of an Egyptian girl's life, at home, at school and at work. Girls have less opportunity to be educated, increased danger of gender-based violence, as well as greater risks of economic and sexual exploitation. 

Harmful traditional practices such as child marriage are widespread and deep-rooted in Egyptian culture. In rural Egypt, a staggering 70% of girls are forced to marry before they are 18. This can have a devastating impact on girls’ health, well-being and personal development - denying them their right to thrive and live a healthy life. 

The project focused on: 

  • Delivering education programmes across eight communities to raise awareness amongst girls and young women, both in and out of school, on issues of girl’s rights, gender equality and sexual reproductive health and rights 

  • Funding a mobile medical and legal clinic, which visited one community every month for a whole year, providing communities with free legal and medical advice surrounding the issues of child marriage and violence against women and girls

  • The project aimed to reach 10,000 people. We are delighted to report that the project reached over 37,000 people. This included 164 community events, and 12,841 home visits to girls at risk of FGM and child marriage 

  • As a result of the project, 96% of women and 59.6% of men in the communities reached said they were better informed on the root causes and negative impacts of child marriage

Over the next three years, we are committed to working with Plan International to protect children displaced by the civil war in South Sudan. You can follow our progress here.

There are currently over 240,000 children residing in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, without access to even the most basic resources. It is an entire generation at risk.

The project will focus on building new classrooms and basic facilities, providing teacher training and learning materials, running remedial classes for those that are behind, supporting mothers in school as mentors and champions of education, training teachers specifically to help support vulnerable girls, and boosting child protection systems in schools.

This project is part of a larger programme funded by the European Union in Ethiopia and Somalia, meaning that every £1 raised by Brides do Good and other partners will be matched by £4.60 from the EU. 

Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria and Yemen

Women and girls can be particularly vulnerable to the negative societal outcomes of war. Increased poverty, persistent gender inequality, and a lack of education can put girls at greater risk of child marriage during times of crisis. In the immediate aftermath of conflict and disaster, areas are often too unstable for larger organisations to venture.  

This is why Brides do Good has partnered with Too Young to Wed, to provide on-the-ground support in hard-to-reach, frontline, and emergency situations. Through our partnership, we are able to go where we are most needed, and respond quickly to the unexpected after-effects of developing humanitarian emergencies, natural disasters and conflict. 

We currently fund grassroots projects in four countries, and our support helps to combat child marriage in Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria and Yemen. By responding effectively to urgent and evolving situations, we can reach and empower girls wherever they are. 

Too Young to Wed Frontline Impact:

  • In Northern Kenya, which has a long history of ethnic conflict and marginalisation, 40 educational and vocational scholarships supported severely affected girls in their own communities which aimed to protect them from likely violence and abuse. 
  • In Nepal, 20 scholarships were awarded to a local school for children devastated by the 2015 earthquake. The earthquake destroyed local infrastructure, jeopardising recent gains in the fight against child marriage traditions. 
  • In Nigeria, communal conflict leaves girls at risk of child marriage and manipulation. An intensive pilot vocational training programme offers girls the skills to become a tailor, as well as equipment and material to start their own tailoring businesses. 
  • In Yemen, 1065 breakfasts were given to children, amid the country's civil war, to keep them in school and unmarried. 
©Photo by Stephanie Sinclair/Too Young to Wed.