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Givethe Gift of Education

There are more refugees in the world than ever before. Globally, 65.6 million people have been displaced, and more than half are children.

The civil war in South Sudan has caused 1.9 million people to flee, and neighbouring Ethiopia has opened its borders, receiving over 375,000 refugees who are currently living in camps and host communities in the Gambella region. Many are survivors of recent trauma, and 65% are children. With a regional food crisis devastating both countries, resources are scarce. Basic and yet vital services like sanitation, education and child protection are extremely limited.

A whole generation of children are at risk of losing their chance to secure a decent future. But you can help give them the gift of a brighter future.

With your help, we can make a difference

We are working with Plan International UK to protect these children and to provide the comprehensive support and vital education they need so that we can keep the most vulnerable safe, and help secure their futures.

Together, we will build new classrooms and basic facilities, provide teacher training and learning materials, support mothers in school as mentors and champions of education and boost child protection systems.

Together, we can give these children back the chance to learn and to thrive.

How your donation will help

  • £25 - families in refugee situations often struggle to buy enough food. £25 is enough to provide a life-saving food pack including 20kg of rice and 3kg of lentils as well as oil, salt, sugar and spices.
  • £100 - we’re giving children in host community schools packs of books and learning materials. £100 is enough to give 7 children everything they need to learn for a year.
  • £250 - we’re making sure that children are ready to go back into school through remedial classes. £250 is enough to pay a tutor for a year to run remedial classes.
  • £500 - refugee children have often coped with huge loss and trauma. We’re making sure teachers and other trusted people can help children recover. £500 is enough to train 25 people in psycho-social support to help vulnerable children.
  • £1000 - we’re training refugee teachers in camp schools on quality teaching for vulnerable children. £1,000 is enough to give four teachers a whole year’s training.

Your gift means so much more

This project is part of a larger programme funded by the European Union in Ethiopia and Somalia meaning that every £1 donated to will be matched by £4.60 from the EU.

For refugee children like these, their lives are turned upside down. They have lost their homes, their education has come to halt and they face risk of disease, abuse and even death.

Thank you