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Asked Questions

 We are always available at if we haven’t answered your question(s) here.

1) Pre-owned dresses

Pre-owned dresses have already graced one wedding, and are ready to star in a new love story.

2) Customised dresses

These are pre-owned dresses that have been designed and commissioned by the original bride.

3) Sample dresses

Sample dresses come directly from designers or retailers, and haven’t been owned before.

It’s easy. Just complete and submit our online selling form, which includes uploading at least three pictures of your dress. One of our Wedding Stylists will then review your dress. The next steps are as follows:

1) We will email you confirming whether we’d love to accept your dress.

2) If we would, we will organise for our courier to contact you to arrange a collection. Kindly package your dress in a strong, protective box.

3) Once we’ve received your dress, we will add it to the bridal collection.

The price is agreed between you and us, of which you will receive a third*: 

1/3 goes to the seller

1/3 goes to our charity partners (Plan International and Too Young to Wed), and

1/3 goes to running Brides do Good.

You also have the option of generously donating your third to charity.

*Minus any additional costs e.g. dry-cleaning. You will always be informed about these before hand.

You always get to approve the initial listing price. If you disagree with our Wedding Dress Authenticators then let us know, and we will do our best to agree a price together. If we still can’t agree, then sadly we won’t be offering your dress the opportunity to start a new love story on Brides do Good.

We’re thrilled to sell a variety of luxury designer wedding dresses, determined by international  demand. We would provisionally accept your dress based on a review of your selling form. The final ‘yes!’ is given after we’ve physically seen your dress.

Our team of in-house experts authenticates every dress presented to us twice:

1. By studying the pictures submitted with the online selling form, and

2. When we receive the dress. After this physical authentication, we will confirm with you whether we would love to sell your dress.

Please send the following images:

1. A full length one of the front of the dress

2. A full length shot of the back

3. One of the hem; front and back

4. One or more of any stains or other imperfections.

It’s important that we get as much accurate detail as possible about each dress.

Ideally, yes. We ask that your wedding dress be sent to us in pristine, dry-cleaned condition – just as you would like to receive it. Please list any and all stains or defects on your selling form. If we receive a dress that is not of the condition or quality described in your selling form, we reserve the right to return it to you at our expense. If, after examining it, we feel it still requires dry-cleaning we will deduct the free from the third of the funds due to you, once your dress has sold.

By our trusted courier partner. They will contact you on the mobile phone number or email you provided to agree a convenient time for you. Someone will need to be in to greet the courier. All collections are fully tracked and trackable.

Kindly pack your dress in a dress cover (such as a plastic one from the dry cleaners, or the white one your dress came in) and then in a strong cardboard box together with a print out of your collection confirmation email. Make sure the box is closed safely and securely.

Brides do Good is committed to delivering the best possible experience to all our customers. In order to meet this commitment we are unable to accept dresses that do not meet key criteria. These include:

  • Authenticity – a dress must match the pictures submitted to us by the seller
  • Condition – it needs to be in an excellent dry-cleaned condition
  • Value/Demand – we may not accept a dress that we believe has a low resale value or do not show demand in the market.

If your dress is sadly rejected because it does not meet our criteria, we will return it to you with our well wishes.

You may have your wedding dress back at any time, provided it is not in the process of being sold. You simply need to tell us at The shipping costs will need to be paid by you.

We do our best to sell your dress. However, sometimes the right home just isn’t found. If your dress doesn’t sell even after we reduce its price, we will offer you two options: return it to you at your own cost, or we can donate it to charity on your behalf.

Our minimum listing period is six months. However, at our discretion, we are happy to continue to list items on our site after this time.

If you live in the UK, then no – we will organise and pay for the collection for you.

If you’re based outside the UK, then we can help arrange a collection, but you would pay for it (see our special delivery costs), please.

Otherwise, you can send us your dress independently. We will email you once you have submitted your form to arrange for collection.

Once your dress is sold, we allow up to 14 days for any returns. After these 14 days, we will transfer the funds that correspond to you – 1/3* of the sale of the dress. You may choose a bank transfer or PayPal. 

*Unless we’ve agreed otherwise or we had to dry-clean your dress, in which case we would deduct the cost from your third of the sale.