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EndChild Marriage

15 million girls every year. 28 girls every minute. 1 every 2 seconds. Child marriage is a global issue that robs girls of their childhood, their choice, their health, their future. 

A global issue

From the United-States to Bangladesh. From Nigeria to Nicaragua. Child marriage violates the basic human rights that every girl has to health, education and safety. The implications from a physical, sexual, emotional and social point of view are drastic: girls don’t get to choose their husband or their future. Their education stops, and no one protects them from violence. Many of them get pregnant before their bodies are fully ready and around 70,000 a year don’t even survive labour.

If there is no reduction in child marriage, the global number of women married as children will reach 1.2 billion by 2050, with devastating consequences for the whole world. 

Theworld of child marriage
Photographer Stephanie Sinclair, founder of our partner charity Too Young to Wed, investigates the world of prearranged child marriage for National Geographic
the facts
Girls with no education are 3 times as likely to marry by 18 as those with a secondary or higher education
90% of adolescent pregnancies in the developing world are to girls who are already married
More than 50% of girls from the poorest families in the developing world married as children