The wedding industry is coming together to fight child marriage. Event planner extraordinaire Dita Rosted is the latest to join our mission to make sure no girl is married off before her 18th birthday. Here she talks us through her work and why it was important for her to support Brides do Good.

What do you do at Dita Rosted Events?

I do event and wedding planning and management. We also run our own bar at events and weddings and can put the whole party together with our extensive list of trusted suppliers.

What is your process when you work with engaged couples? 

I help them in their planning process. Sometimes it’s just a helping hand along the way while other couples hire me for full management on their big day. As I plan events for a living, I know all the millions of things that need to be thought about. I am dedicated to making that process easier for the couples and taking the stress out of planning so that they can enjoy their wedding day without a worry in mind.

What is your one advice to people looking for event planners? 

Get one! I hear all the time how much more stressful things would be been without me. It’s the most important day you’ll spend with your friends and family – you don’t want to be running around having to deal with suppliers and solving problems. They do happen, you just don’t need to know about them.

Why is it important for you to support our mission to end child marriage? 

We all have a responsibility to make the world a better place to live in. It’s great to be able to do something good through my work in the wedding and events industry. No child should be forced to enter into marriage and into an existence that’s cruel and scary. It’s two words that just don’t go together.


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