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Sareh Nouri


A wedding dress is incredibly important because it should remind us what falling in love is all about. Sareh Nouri’s Spring 2016 collection does just that. Pearls, diamonds, ruffles, lace, satin, and silk—the colour white, and all the shades in between, never looked so mesmerizing. Meet Ingrid, Esther, Dorothy, Annette, Natalie, Greta, Marilyn, Vivien, and Mona Lisa! The dresses are all unique, carrying their own personalities fit for any bride. As each gown is diverse in style, all these dresses have one major aspect in common, and it’s the most important element of all: romance. These dresses are a combination of sophistication, classic modern, with an air of surprise. A gown that will take the bride and anyone who bears witness to the bride’s breath away.

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