I saw this explanation for the beauty ritual, which involves a series of indulgent body polishes to grant brides feather-soft skin, at a spa in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Presumably Singo leaves skin prime for the perfect application of henna - a natural dye used for body decoration that originated in Arabic cultures as a cooling technique for the hands and feet. Tempted?

One week before a Zanzibar girl marries, she will undergo a daily "Singo" of the skin. A natural scrub is prepared from fresh jasmine flowers, ylang ylang, rose petals and sandalwood, all mixed with rose water. The ingredients are combined in a traditional "Kinu" blender and the bride to be lies on a "Mkeka" mat to enjoy a body scrub. While enjoying the scrub, she drinks herbal tea. The Singo will be repeated for several days until her skin is soft as silk.