A recent survey of 600 women by Interflora showed that nearly two thirds had been planning their wedding day since they were a child. So why do "Mobzillas" take over their daughter's wedding? Do brides fail to realise that their mothers may have been imagining the day for years too! From having to invite that long lost second cousin once removed, whom the bride has never met to the chicken versus fish fiasco! Not to mention the misguided romantic notion that the bride would wear her mother's old wedding dress.

Does your wedding dress still take up space in a closet or a box? It stands to reason that you'll never wear it again...and I hate to tell you nor will your daughter.

Afareen's story.





Sentimentality is the only reason I still have this beautiful dress, that was part of one of the most important days of my life. It also cost a small fortune so it's in a box, at my parents house waiting for my daughters to wear it! Yes I have 3 daughters and I'm not sure which one would want to wear it? Do I expect each of them to wear the same exact dress? I've never actually known anyone who wore their mother's dress!

Reality sets in.

Why am I keeping it? Would I even wear it to renew our vows?  So, I collected the dress from mum, we had coffee and reminisced about my wedding day. We laughed about how nervous dad was giving his speech. We remembered the ever growing guest list (and again dad's nerves!). I remembered buying every bridal magazine (which also cost a small fortune), I recall knowing exactly what my dream wedding dress would look like. Everything centred around my dress I just needed to locate it.  Everything else, the flowers, the bridesmaids' dresses, the groom's outfit, my shoes, my hair were important but above all I wanted the feeling that I had found the dress of my dreams.

I remember walking out in my dress at my last fitting- the look on my mother's face, she was so proud, emotional and delighted. With tears in her eyes she said those words I so wanted to hear: "You look absolutely beautiful my darling, this dress is so you".

When my little girls grow up and are ready to marry, I want them to find their own dream wedding dresses. I want them to have the same experiences and to be in the dress that defines them.

I want all little girls to grow to become strong independent women, who make their own choices from the dress they wear to the guests they invite to the partner they choose to the age they marry. Giving my dress to brides do good will not only give freedom of choice to my little girls but it will also help a little girl somewhere in the world to have the freedom to choose not to be forced into a child marriage.