Over the past decades, 25 million child marriages have been prevented around the world, according to UNICEF. But we can do better. At Brides do Good, we are on a mission to help the UN #endchildmarriage by 2030. Here are four ways you can help today, on International Women's Day, and all year round.

Photos of brides and girls in circles to show how to end child marriage

1. Buy a wedding dress that gives back

When you shop our curated collection of sought-after gowns, YOU get the designer wedding dress of your dreams, up to 70% off.

WE donate up to 2/3 of its sale price to programmes against child marriage. Win win.


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2. Donate your wedding dress to end child marriage

Every woman in the world should know the love and happiness you experienced on your wedding day. Yet for 15 million girls under 18 every year, marriage means fear, lack of education and health risk. Your bridal gown in a big box at the back of your closet has the power to change this: it can fund NGO programmes to end child marriage. We donate 2/3 from every frock sold to our charity partners Plan International and Too Young to Wed.

For instance, when we'll sell your dress for £900, £600 will pay for a year of Plan International home visits to families with girls at risk of child marriage in the Asyut region of Egypt, so that communities can be educated in the dangers of marrying off girls too young.  

What are you waiting for? Fill in our short dress donation form now!

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3. Spread the word

brides do Good is a movement by and for women. Let your friends know about the power of their wedding dresses and how they can change lives today. Simply tagging @Brides_do_Good on an Instagram post or letting your acquaintances know about what we do can make a big difference to how much we'll be able to raise going forward. 

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4. Donate to our partners

No amount too small. If you don't have a wedding dress to buy or donate, you can make a direct donation to Too Young to Wed or Plan International to fund their initiatives to protect girls at risk of child marriage.

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